TriadCity Message of the Day

A new section of the Adventurer front page displays the average Experience points at which characters have reached their Levels.

These data are provided so that players who are interested in extreme optimization can compare their results to the mean. These are the averages of tens of thousands of characters over many years, beginning 2010.06.08 when the formula for achieving levels was revised.

One immediate cursory-glance conclusion: "perfect zero" levels become less and less likely the more a character advances.

There's design philosophy behind this. Unlike nearly all of the MUD and MMORPG traditions, levels in TriadCity aren't fixed at an identical point for each character. As you can see, characters at the same level may have accumulated differing quantities of Experience, which vary from character to character around the averages displayed here. The implication is that, say, "Level 10" doesn't mean the exact same thing for every character. Instead there's variation around a mean. This is one of many ways in which TriadCity individualizes characters. We're more radical that way than pretty much everybody else.

Thanks! Meet you in The City!

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