TriadCity Message of the Day

The Southern Third's small-because-highly-efficient Public Baths are open.

Why take a bath? Because being filthy lowers your Charisma. Do you care about that? If yes, take a bath! If no, nevermind the bath, instead hang out at the Isla Vista Café with it's spectacular views of the River, Sanctuary Island, and the NorthWest Third.

"Efficient", though?

Yes! No water!

The League of Southern Scientists and the Central Computer have concocted a way to manipulate quantum entanglement to remove unwanted substances from your body — and eq, and inventory — without ever getting you wet. Just stand around! Or sit and chat. You'll be clean in a few.

There's another, possibly more urgent reason why you'll want to know about this. We're hoping to have the Haunted Mansion near the Park NE going in time for RL Halloween. When that's happening, you'll definitely want to be familiar with the bathing process. There'll be a lottttttt of green gooey slime flying around — and slime is gross.

See you in The City!

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