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TriadCity is now compatible with major MUD clients including VipMud, TinTin++, Mudlet, MUDRammer, and others. It also works happily with vanilla command-line telnet. Point your secure client to port 9095, or port 9094 for insecure connections. Enjoy!

We've taken this step to better enable blind and visually-impaired players whose traditional MUD clients integrate well with screen readers.

It's been a lengthy endeavor. Thousands of in-game popup signs and other messages had to be converted to display as text in MUD clients while continuing to open windows as usual in our GUIs. The Help robot has been entirely reprogrammed with the ability to make the same distinction. World-logic which until now has been implemented in our GUI clients has had to be replicated server-side. It's required many months of programming and testing. We think we've got it solid.

There's an ancillary advantage: mobile compatibility! We've tested with MUDRammer on our iPhones and iPads: it's pretty cool to be able to interact with TriadCity in situations where your laptop is inappropriate.

We do prefer that sighted players use our GUI clients. Our clients handle much of the AI processing which makes TriadCity so vibrant. It's a form of what later became known as "grid computing", although we were doing it ten years before the term became common. We can replicate most of that logic inside the server, but, that means our server computers require more horsepower. Which increases our expenses, and, since we really bring in no revenue to speak of, we hate that idea. Thanks so much for your support!

There are bound to be incompatibilities and glitches. Please Bug the anomalies and we'll prioritize fixes. Meanwhile we greatly appreciate your suggestions. We don't have a lot of personal hands-on with MUD clients; and you know far better than we do how to make them convenient. Let us know, we'll get it done asap.

The settings we use are listed here.

Meet you in The City!

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