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Wish you could blast Donald Trump's tweets to bloody smithereens? Or Nancy Pelosi's, or Kim Kardashian's, or Marine Le Pen's, or Pat Robertson's? You've come to the right World.

The Crystal Cavern Corporation has opened the first level of its sprawling underground Saga complex, "Angry Birds". Where Tweets fly like bats, and special-purpose shotguns blow them back into the ether from which they sprung. Buy a Tweet Gun at the gift shop, explore the caverns, and fire away.

This first level focuses on politicians and political propagandists. Future levels will include faux celebrities, televangelists, Russian bots, and anybody else the CCC thinks would be fun to smoke. Each cavern contains Tweets by one individual; admission is 25 Dinars per cavern.

Note: you can use your ordinary weapons, but, the shotguns are specially adapted. Note lastly: as with all the Sagas, you could theoretically be killed in there. The Tweets are dexterous but not very powerful, so the odds are definitely in your favor. Still, you might want to be, say, level 10 before adventuring there.

These are the Tweets currently populating the caves. The list is certain to evolve with real world events:

Interesting technology trivia: Tweets originating in foreign languages are translated to English in real time via Amazon Translate. We think that's pretty cool.

The Caverns are just off the Purple Line's Crystal Cavern Station, at the end of Arthur C. Clarke Street.

Meet you in The City!

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