TriadCity Message of the Day

Lighting and unlighting carryable light sources is no longer automatic.

Previously, if you Held a light source it lighted itself, assuming it wasn't out of juice. Similarly, Removing it turned it off. We did this to preserve the battery life of your flashlights and the burn time of your torches. Light sources in Inventory were assumed to be turned off.

Now you have to manage this for yourself. Use the new Light command to turn things on, Unlight to snuff them. Be clear that if you leave it on, your flashlight will burn out no matter where it is.

Additionally, light sources in Inventory may now be turned on. In fact, so long as they're not inside a container, they light the Room as if they were held, potentially leaving your hands free to hold something else. And, the Light and Unlight commands can be used with light sources in the Room as well.

This change was necessary to enable the laws of physics for the Dungeon World. We've implemented it globally because we like its flexibility.

Note that in Midgaard things still light automatically when you hold them. That's how it worked back then.

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