TriadCity Message of the Day

Geek alert! Technobabble ahead.

Our fearlessly sheltering-in-place California-and-Texas-based Code Warrior ensemble are currently eyeball-deep in technical back-end work which, while not overtly apparent to players, helps keep TriadCity and our other Worlds working correctly.

Along with our platform code itself, we write many many thousands of automated tests which ensure that our code does what it's supposed to. How many are there? Over 40,000 currently, growing every day.

These all fire automatically at different moments in our code-build-deploy pipeline. The technical term for this is "CI/CD", for Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment. Whenever we save code changes to our central repository — many many times each day — our suite of automated tests is triggered; if all is well, the server is then built automatically, triggering more tests; and if those are all correct, the new build is then automatically deployed to production. This is a software development "best practice" which ensures that our many ongoing enhancements plus new features not only work correctly but also break nothing that already exists.

We're putting our dev focus here right now to make it easier to maintain these tests and write new ones going forward. This has become pretty urgent, now that the TriadCity server infrastructure has mutated from a single World to a platform enabling a universe of interconnected Worlds with different characteristics. We want to get the tests reorganized now before the library grows even more colossal.

We wanted to let you know we're focused on this right now, since this work isn't overtly apparent to players. Yep, we're still blazing away at the code! There'll be new features online starting next week.

Stay safe out there! Meet you in the city!

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