TriadCity Message of the Day

The TriadCity app for iOS is now in the Apple App Store. Welcome (us) to the 21st Century!

With the app, you can do everything within your mobile device for which you formerly needed this Web site. Features:

  • Simple, straightforward graphical interface with minimal controls.
  • All major game and account functions available in-app, without having to exit to the Web site.
  • Graphical displays of character state: health, energy, attributes, skills, etc.
  • Manage chat channels, natural language parsing, and other features.
  • Character maintenance: health, energy, experience, Skills.
  • On iOS, store login creds in the Keychain; share them among devices via iCloud.
  • Access the Players' Guide, FAQ, Message of the Day and other website resources directly within the app.
  • Create new characters.
  • Use Reward Points.
  • Buy Reward Points.
  • Manage Elite Subscription.
  • Fully mobile: works happily over WiFi or cellular data.
  • Female-friendly: we've had more women players than men for over 20 years.
  • Very friendly community — apparently all the mean people go to WoW 'cos we have none; even our bulletin-boards are safe!
  • Thousands of players from all over the world.
  • Guest login w/limited features if you just wanna check it out.

Note also, the app is fully-compatible with VoiceOver for blind and visually-impaired users, providing a fully native experience.

If you're an iPhone or iPad user, we appreciate your installing the app, letting us know of any glitches you encounter, and leaving positive feedback on the App Store. The more installs and feedback, the more players it'll bring to TriadCity. It's also compatible with the latest generation of Macs. Thanks so much for helping out!

Tell your friends, force your kids! At last, something truly cool on the App Store!

Meet you in the city!

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