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Herbalist Role

Herbalists are Good-aligned experts in the properties of leaves, roots, barks, and other growing things with medicinal uses.

Herbalists have the ability to prepare and ritually Actuate herb sachets and teas which can affect the attributes of characters using them. Not a bad living, according to rumor.

It takes quite a lot of esoteric lore to be a successful Herbalist. Here's some information on the properties of some of TriadCity's plentiful plantlife:

Item Properties
Agrimony Leaf sleep
Amaranth Leaf success in Hiding
Aspen Leaf protection from theft
Bay Leaf wisdom
Black Hellebore Leaf success in sneaking
Blackberry Leaf success with Heal command
Blessed Thistle Leaf strength
Bodhi Leaf success achieving meditation
Borage Leaf courage
Cowslip Leaf success with Energize command
Dandelion Leaf sight
Eucalyptus Leaf faster healing
Eyebright Leaf success with Peek command
Goat's Rue Leaf dexterity
Gorse Leaf defense against Energy Drain
Grape Leaf intelligence
Heliotrope Leaf success in sneaking
High John the Conqueror Root success with stealing
Horehound Leaf success in learning
Horse Chestnut Leaf success in fleeing
Hyssop Leaf success of rituals
Juniper Leaf protection against theft
Knotweed Leaf paralysis
Mallow Leaf defense against Harm
Masterwort Leaf strength
Mint Leaf healing
Moonwort Leaf success in lockpicking
Myrrh Leaf success with Heal command
Myrtle Leaf increases max energy
Passion Flower charisma
Peppermint Leaf increases max health
Rosemary Leaf success with rituals
Rowan bark healing
Sage Leaf wisdom
Sesame Leaf success in lockpicking
Spearmint Leaf success in diagnosing illnesses
Stonecrop Flower success in incapacitating
Tea Leaf increases max energy
Wintergreen Leaf success in diagnosing illnesses
Tarragon Leaf success in tracking
Wintergreen Leaf success with DrawIllness command

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