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Character Roles

Character Roles are central to the TriadCity experience. Yet, as is true of many things, we've only scratched the surface of their eventual implementation. As the game matures, the number and type of character Roles will become increasingly rich and, we hope, interesting.

Roles are collections of game Skills grouped in such a way that they create a kind of professional expertise. So, characters who choose the Healer Role may be expected to master Skills such as Bandage, Heal, Revive, and so on. While Thieves may require Peek, Steal, Sneak, or others.

In TC, many Skills are unavailable outside certain Roles. You must adopt a Role before you can learn those Skills. You choose a Role by asking an appropriate GuildMaster or other similar character to accept you as an apprentice; and if you meet that character's requirements, you may be accepted. It's up to you to find those characters who can help you choose a Role; and it's up to you to figure out how to ask.

Not every Role may be available to you. Healers must be Good-aligned. You can be a Malopath if you're Evil; but to be accepted into the Healer Role, you have to be Good.

Not every Role may be available to you at every time in your life. You can't choose the Healer Role before you've reached level 10.

Roles are often mutually-exclusive. If you're already a Healer you can't become a Warrior.

These rules vary by the wishes of the Role's keepers; and they may or may not be public info.

The table of Roles lists all the Roles currently implemented. Click the links for information re that Role.

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