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Etiquette: don't suck-up to immortals

Unlike many earlier MUDs, TriadCity's social structure is not based around rigid hierarchies. Thus there's nothing particularly special about being an "immortal", or an administrator, or a builder. These are merely necessary specializations without which things wouldn't get done. They're not badges of honor.

Thus it's not appropriate to regale immorts or other higher-level types with those craven "all hail the great so-and-so" speeches which seem to be de rigueur in certain fantasy milieux. In TriadCity, those approaches are interpreted by most higher-levels as transparent and, frankly, rather childish attempts at manipulation by flattery. The usual response is not positive.

It might be worth noting that many higher-levels particularly dislike the term "master", which again seems to be some sort of legacy brought by some players from medieval-themed environments. TriadCity is a world in which human slaves exist: thus "master" refers to slave-owners. Different individuals may or may not approve of that label. You're encouraged to be extremely careful before bestowing it.

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