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Tips & Tricks: Manage Your Diet

Food and drink are quite critical in TriadCity. It's possible to die of hunger or thirst if you don't take care of yourself. Just like real life!

Many players find that an effective strategy is to eat and drink as they go along. Pass a fountain? - drink from it. Keep your hunger and thirst as close to zero as possible. Make it a habit of your routine game play.

Always carry food and water with you. Get yourself a bag or a daypack. Don't overload, of course; but do carry enough to survive on if you get lost, or get away from easy sources.

It's possible to over-eat! Don't gorge yourself in one sitting. If you do, you might actually become "hungry" again -- that is, your body requires fuel -- yet be unable to eat anything because you're too full! Kind of like not eating desert first in real life.

Not all food is equal, and neither is all water. Some foods are more nutritious while being less filling; others more filling without being especially good for you. Learn which are which and avoid the bad ones.

Same with water and other liquids. Some will quench your thirst better than others. Some will actually make you more thirsty. Learn the differences. Hint: the water in the Fountain on Sanctuary Island is the best stuff in the land.

If you encounter a nutrition emergency - you're nearing death from starvation - you can trade Reward Points for an instant refresh. Click the link for details.

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