How to Play TriadCity

The TriadCity Players' Guide

Tips & Tricks: When In Rome, Do As the Romans Do

Many areas of the City are intended for higher-level characters. They're more challenging, require advanced Skills, and are often more dangerous.

Is there a general suggestion for thriving in these difficult places?

Yes. Try to observe the way the locals are behaving, and become like them.


- There's a lot of Sneaking and Backstabbing going on. Looks like an area dominated by Thieves. We suggest taking your Thief characters there, in preference to, say, your Malopaths. Move around by Sneaking and Hiding. Be stealthy. Don't rely on force.

- As soon as you turn up, the locals swarm and attack. They're using Warrior-style weapons and seem to be acting in concert. Looks like an area dominated by disciplined Warriors. We suggest taking your Warrior characters there, in preference to your Thieves or Malopaths. Come in groups. Be skilled with your weapons, and with Rescue. Hold some of your group members in reserve, to Rescue you when your energy becomes low. Bring some Healers to bring your energy back up while the baddies are drained. Protect your Healers from attack. Don't let yourselves get cut off from retreat.

- There are big mean spiders everywhere. Bring some bug bombs to hold them off. Your friends are getting trapped in their webs. Bring Cutting weapons, to cut them loose. Go in groups. Protect your weaker friends. Read the MOTD.

These examples are deliberately broad, but we hope they convey the flavor of the kinds of strategies that are available to you, and how the nature of the particular challenges encountered can help you to choose your approaches insightfully. Good luck!