How to Play Dungeon

The Dungeon Players' Guide

The Dungeon World: neighborhoods

The Dungeon World consists of 16 major areas, or neighborhoods. Each is a stand-alone puzzle which must be solved to accumulate the 585 points representing victory.

  • The House where you begin contains several tools which will be needed later. Inside you'll find the entrance to The Great Underground Empire — the Dungeon World. The living room contains the trophy case where you must Put your treasures.
  • The Cellar brings you underground. Like Alice's rabbit hole, it's the entrance to the rest of the realm.
  • The Bank of Zork contains treasures, and some very difficult puzzles.
  • The Cellar Maze is an irrational geography of identical twisty little passages. It'll challenge your mapping skills, and your knowledge of literature.
  • The Royal Puzzle is a life-sized block puzzle with a very challenging solution. Don't believe the note you'll find.
  • Wonderland: we referenced Alice for a reason.
  • The Machine Room contains controls which modify other parts of the World. Learn the Robot's capabilities and all will go well.
  • The Temple contains tools and mysteries: and perhaps your Higher Power, pray tell.
  • Hades may or may not welcome you. It may or may not be a good thing, if it does.
  • The Forest which surrounds The House echoes with lovely birdsong — and contains its own difficulties.
  • The Dome, the Glacier, and the Egyptian Room each challenge you with their own unique mysteries. Tools you'll found elsewhere are needed; while objects you'll find here are needed elsewhere.
  • The Volcano is all about heat.'Nuff said.
  • The Coal Mine is all about chemistry.'Nuff said.
  • The Reservoir is all about moisture.'Nuff said.
  • The Dam is an engineering masterpiece which may or may not be beyond your control.
  • The Frigid River and Aragain Falls require their own unique modes of transportation. Very different modes than that of, say, the Volcano.