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The Midgaard Players' Guide

Character Classes

Character "classes" are the types, or flavors, of "professional specialization", if you like, available to Midgaard characters. They profoundly color your character's life path. They determine the character's abilities; commands s/he's able to use; how much Experience leads to the next level; and very many of the under-the-hood die rolls resulting in combat outcomes.

There are four classes in Midgaard:

Clerics are magic users whose capabilities tilt toward nature. They can remove curses, detect poison, provide magical armor. But they're not just healers. They have offensive abilities including calling down lightning strikes, causing earthquakes, and causing blindness. In a group they're prized for their abilities to re-energize the tired, heal the wounded, and confound enemies.

Mages are magic users whose capabilities are generally aggressive They can Cast spells, throw fireballs, drain energy from enemies. In a group they're prized for their abilities to first-strike opponents, getting in a round of magical damage before fighting begins. In Midgaard armor does not defend against magical damage, meaning, Mages can be badass.

Thiefs live by their wits and stealth. They can pick locks, pick pockets, Sneak, Hide, and Backstab. In a group they're prized for their ability to open locked doors — and to first-strike opponents with a gnarly backstabbing.

Warriors live by the sword. They're typically big, strong battle tanks, valued in groups for their abilities to take a lot of damage and to rescue comrades in danger. They have access to a handful of specialized fighting abilities including Bash, Kick, and Rescue.

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