Purpose: cast a spell on an opponent, a friend, or yourself
Synonyms: none
NLP Enabled? no

1. cast <'spell name'> &tl;target> 1. cast 'chill touch' monster 2. cast <spellname> &tl;target> 2. cast chilltouch monster

Use Cast to hurl a spell at a target. The target can be an opponent, a friend, yourself, or in some highly advanced cases an Item.

  1. Use form one for authenticity. In the original you had to surround the spell name with single quotes. The space between words is necessary.
  2. Use form two for less typing. This is inauthentic but we like it.

Spells may be offensive, defensive, or informational. You'll be prevented from Casting offensive spells on yourself or other Players. Offensive spells will start a fight, just as if you'd attacked with a physical weapon.

Spells must be Learned. The appropriate skill master will teach them. Unless you know the Spell you'll be unable to Cast it.

The Mage and Cleric Character Classes have access to different Spells at different levels. Follow the links above for the lists.

Because the command is not yet enabled for "natural language" parsing, you'll have to use the syntax above.

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