Purpose: communicate privately with a particular character.
Synonyms: none
NLP Enabled? n/a

1. tell <who> <what> 1. tell poobah howdy dude!


  1. Use Tell when you want to send a private message to an individual character, by name.

Characters have the option to listen to the tell "channel", or not. The particular character you address your message to will "hear" it (see it displayed on the Tell channel) if they're listening. If not, the Game channel will inform you they're not interested.

The Tell command is akin to telepathy. Tell is completely independent of the laws of RL physics: it doesn't matter where the character is you send your Tell to: if they're listening, they'll hear you anywhere. We're not sure we're going to leave it this way, so enjoy it for now!

Note that Tell crosses World boundaries. You can Tell anyone, whether they're presently in TriadCity, Midgaard, Dungeon, or any future World within the SmartMonsters Universe.

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