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Vampire society is organized into — or divided by — Family groups. Vampires are ferociously loyal to the head of their family, the "Pater Familias" or "Mater Familias". Literary legends suggest that heads of families "made" the Vampires who are loyal to them — through some sort of Undead ritual perhaps. The truthfulness of these legends is anyone's guess.

All High Vampires claim to be descended from a single Pater Familias: Fred Hayek, more properly Friedrich August von Hayek, referred to reverently by High Vampires simply as The Pater. Experts disagree on their meaning. Some say Hayek was the first Maker of new Vampires; others that he is literally the biological progenitor of the High Vampire clans. FWIW, his statue at the entrance to the Vampire Theme Park in NorthEast states unequivocally that Hayek was the originator of the modern Vampiric "movement" which brought Vampirism into the open. Whatever his exact relationship, Pater Fred is held in awe by all.

Low Vampires are nearly always divided into smaller units than their High cousins, often battling one another for possession or control of the most sought-after safe places.

High Vampires are said to pay handsomely for blood. It is said that all Vampires can survive on the blood of any other creature; but that human blood is most nutritious. Some High Vampires are said to offer premium prices for the blood of Clean Elves, that is, Elves who are not addicted to alcohol or other recreational drugs. Vampire Suppliers often prey on the indigent, not because their Vampire clients prefer it but because it's generally safer for themselves.

Some High Vampires are also Malopaths. Both Roles feed on the life energy of others; Vampires via blood, Malopaths via more spiritual means. Their purposes are the same.

While High Vampires tend to be drawn to precious metals, bright lights, and excitement, Low Vampires prefer the shadows of treetops and abandoned buildings. Human explorers are warned to exercise particular care entering dark, lonely places — and to always be aware of what's overhead.

No Vampire is repelled by garlic. Nor by crucifixes. Holy Water is said to burn them as badly as sunlight.

Proceed with extreme caution. Vampire Hunter is one of the most dangerous Roles in the City.

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