TriadCity Message of the Day

Reward Points can now buy you a pretty intense, albeit temporary, boost of Health and Energy. Type 'rp boost' to add 500 points to each. Your Health and Energy will immediately be raised to the new maximums.

This is a killer way to prep for challenges you might not otherwise be able to handle. Boost up before exploring a dangerous Zone for the firs time. Have your entire group Boost up before tackling the Tree of Wealth, or the Rat King's Realm.

Not just that. You can Boost, or re-Boost, during breaks in the action. Imagine you're a Healer using your Heal and Energize Skills to keep your comrades alive and in the action while fighting the entire arachnid army inside the Tree of Wealth. When your vitals are depleted, Boost them back, without having to Rest.

Boosts are short-lived. They'll last from one to two TriadCity hours, which is between 10 to 20 RL minutes. Their length depends on where the clock is when you Boost. To squeeze the absolute greatest value, Boost right after the hour changes. Of course, you won't have that luxury inside the Tree of Wealth.

Boosts are cool. Use them early, use them often. Enjoy!

Meet you in The City!

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