Purpose: thank a Builder for their work
Synonyms: none
NLP Enabled? not yet

1. reward 1. reward
2. reward <experience> <dinars> 2. reward 750 250


  1. Use form one to query whether you have any reward points available for the zone you're currently in.
  2. Use form two to reward the builder. You can reward a total of up to 1000 points, which can be either experience or dinars.

The Reward command allows players to thank the world authors -- Builders -- who write the TC game world.

Every player is granted a pool of 1000 points per zone which they're free to reward to its Builder. Players can reward experience, dinars, or some combination. Players may reward all 1000 points, or fewer. They may also reward some points now, some later. Either way, there's a total of 1000 points per zone available.

Note that, once rewarded, points can never be revoked.

Different Builders may prefer to be rewarded with experience or dinars. Sometimes they'll post their preference in the Pancreatic League BBS. When in doubt, it might be polite to ask them first.

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