Purpose: turn "Blind Mode" on or off
Synonyms: none
NLP Enabled? yes

1. blindmode on 1. blindmode on
2. blindmode off 2. blindmode off


  1. Use form one to turn Blind Mode on.
  2. Use form two to turn Blind Mode off.

"Blind Mode" instructs the client not to display popup dialog boxes. So for example, at login instead of seeing a popup message saying "Welcome Poobah, you are player #11", that message will be written to the Game Channel. Blind Mode is useful for blind or visually impaired players for whom the popups are difficult to navigate. Fully sighted players are of course welcome to it too. With Blind Mode on, TriadCity behaves very much like the classic MUDs from the 1980s: DikuMUD and so on.

Because the command is enabled for "natural language" parsing, you can use all kinds of variations and still be understood. "Turn blindmode on", "turn on blindmode", "use blind mode", "start using blind mode" and "blindmode on" will all do fine.

Commands for MUD clients and the visually impaired:

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