WHAT??!! Bugs, in our little programming masterpiece?! Sheesh!

Actually, considering how huge this thing is, the teeny number of open bugs is pretty not bad. Here's the current count. Currently Open: 10.  Total Verified: 1,594.  Total Reports: 4,306.

See below for current status. Note that we hide a few which we think might expose security risks. Also we hide the room ID from which the report originated. You can browse this list to see if an issue has already been reported; or to find out if you've been spiffed for yours.

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#Report DateCharacterBug ReportDeveloper CommentsVerified?Close DateValueSpiff Date
42587/23/18caloAn error occurred end of an auction and i believe I lost the dinars, but did not receive the amber LED ring. I can confirm weight was 36/106 and carried were 5/53 so it was not an issue holding it.2018.07.27: Can you be more specific about what the error was? Was there a message? --Marknoopen  
42547/22/18caloi tried give bread crumbs pigeon, but it refused my gift. It says the pigeon is searching for crumbs! noopen  
42467/19/18theophrastusi put 4 cobalt LED wristbands in a shimmering cloak of many colors. If I then try l in cloak it crashes the client. It happened to me twice so I could replicate. Removing the wristbands and then looking in an empty cloak does not crash the client.2018.07.27: I didn't try to reproduce, but I believe it based on similar issues related to networking. Please test again and let me know if it's still a problem. --Marknoopen  
42273/23/16chienshabonus % doesn't display in the HTML5 client until after i type the 'bonus' command. then it seems be correct.2016.04.12: verified, spiffed. ~poohyesopen1004/12/16
42197/14/15stokeri chatted Marvin "Marvin, do you remember" His reply had and tags around it. noopen  
42154/12/15telgarwhile sleeping i continually get "in your dreams message" about once a minute even though I have not entered anything.#4216: "previous bug sleep also exists during meditation"noopen  
42014/12/14PoobahOurer, Hour of New hope, the publican here keeps tossing people out noopen  
41813/10/14ChienshaThere seem always be Nannies and well-dressed children here, are they stuck Is it a bug?2014.03.15: see #4182: chiensha adds they're still there a day later. ~poohnoopen  
41732/24/14ChienshaThe plaque has no image in the left margin. noopen  
41702/17/14Chienshanlp on off sometimes doesn't return feedback, although i think the command worked. noopen