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Date     Synopsis
2023-08-05     Permanent enhancements to base Attributes.
2023-03-11     The exp bonus for lockdown will be ending soon.
2022-05-03     Invasion of the podcast people.
2021-11-20     Virtual UrbEx with the Explorer Role.
2021-07-12     TriadCity on iOS!
2021-04-08     More graffiti.
2021-04-04     Join the TriadCity for iOS open beta!
2021-03-29     Hog heaven!
2021-02-20     Shops of a different sort.
2021-01-14     TriadCity for iOS in beta.
2020-12-23     Gaslighter Alley.
2020-12-02     The Great Ifsandsorbuts.
2020-11-17     The Star Stone, and, The Legendary Sword of Arthur Pewty.
2020-11-10     "status brief".
2020-11-09     TriadCity characters in Midgaard part 2.
2020-10-18     NPCs will bid on auctions.
2020-10-17     Quotes by Gary, 1980.
2020-09-15     The Amphitheater.
2020-08-19     TriadCity for Android!
2020-08-06     Go Elite!
2020-07-27     New payment processor.
2020-06-29     Several Hunter Roles enabled.
2020-06-26     Blood for bucks.
2020-06-24     Swift's Restaurant.
2020-06-21     Some Items will be renamed.
2020-06-20     Shedding exp for perfect levels.
2020-06-16     Evil Thieves' new home.
2020-06-15     Game Warden special Role retired.
2020-06-14     Surface street explosion!
2020-06-01     We could have thought of this years ago but we were morons.
2020-05-26     Where to grind in TriadCity.
2020-05-25     TriadCity characters in Midgaard part 1.
2020-05-12     Hill of the Pnyx.
2020-04-15     Double exp!
2020-04-03     Geek alert! Automated testing status.
2020-03-25     Enhancements to chat commands for MUD clients.
2020-03-13     25% exp bonus permanent during the emergency.
2020-03-04     Light one up!
2020-02-29     New commands for a new World.
2020-01-21     Hack-and-slash your way to fame and fortune. Or anyway to faster newbie levels.
2020-01-07     If that's not the Internet, I need a new computer.
2019-12-26     Room plaques.
2019-12-17     Do you believe in magic?
2019-12-10     Generic Kill.
2019-12-04     Universe of Who.
2019-12-01     RedBull, for Reward Points!
2019-11-29     Mourning can be so dynamic.
2019-11-26     MUD client update.
2019-11-20     Three new Premium Items.
2019-11-11     More spiffage for Recyclers.
2019-11-09     Our birds are even angrier than theirs.
2019-11-08     You stink!
2019-11-02     Three new commands, with far-reaching implications.
2019-10-31     It's 1994, can we have our World back?
2019-10-30     Boo!
2019-10-24     All the little birds on Jaybird Street...
2019-10-10     Listen! What's over there?
2019-10-06     Dust Bunnies ate my honey-bunny!
2019-10-04     The Coy Pond.
2019-09-29     Oooooh, badass spiffage!
2019-09-27     Here's MUD in yer eye!
2019-09-23     Vampires are very nice people. Also they're extremely good-looking, and many are quite wealthy.
2019-09-22     Bath time!
2019-09-07     Robot enhancements.
2019-07-07     Keep TriadCity tidy.
2019-04-14     Vampire Lore, Part Two.
2018-11-12     Be our guest!
2018-08-09     Average Experience per Level.
2018-08-07     Client updates.
2018-04-09     Elf Lore, Part One.
2018-07-16     New credit card processor.
2018-07-15     All around the world — something something's here to stay...
2018-07-07     TLS.
2017-12-03     End of an era.
2017-10-14     👍
2016-09-22     Vampire Lore, Part One.
2016-08-06     Command and message histories on talking client.
2016-08-05     Some of us are hearing voices.
2016-06-15     2,940,154.
2016-06-14     Up against the wall, media mothers: Kommune 1 has come for your children.
2016-04-19     It talks!
2016-01-11     Oscar Wilde is alive and well and living in TriadCity.

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