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Date     Synopsis
2019-09-07     Robot enhancements.
2018-08-09     Average Experience per Level.
2018-08-07     Client updates.
2018-07-16     New credit card processor.
2018-07-15     All around the world — something something's here to stay...
2018-07-07     TLS.
2017-12-03     End of an era.
2017-10-14     👍
2016-08-06     Command and message histories on talking client.
2016-08-05     Some of us are hearing voices.
2016-06-15     2,940,154.
2016-06-14     Up against the wall, media mothers: Kommune 1 has come for your children.
2016-04-19     It talks!
2016-01-11     Oscar Wilde is alive and well and living in TriadCity.