Purpose: customize your Player House.
Synonyms: none

1. customize 1. customize
2. customize noun 2. customize noun


  1. Use form one to customize your Room's description, smell, sound, or direction description.
  2. Use form two to add or remove a tertiary description, a.k.a. "noun".

Unlike most other TriadCity commands, Customize pops up a graphical widget into which you enter your customizations. This makes it pretty straightforward to specify the thing you want to change.

There are two forms of the command. If you type simply "customize", a widget opens allowing you to change your Room's descriptions, including smell and sound descriptions, and descriptions looking north, east, south, west, up, and down. If you type "customize noun", a widget opens allowing you to add or remove a "tertiary description", which most players call "nouns". These are the details you see when you ask to look at a word in the more general description. So for example, if the Room description is "A comfortable family area with excellent river views," you might want to add a tertiary description for the word "views".

Every description can be customized by time of day and by the moral alignment of observers. So, you can set the description neutral dawn, description evil night, and so on. But, you don't have to set each of these if you don't want to. The Neutral descriptions are defaults, so, if there are no Evil or Good versions, the Neutral ones will be shown to Evil or Good players. And, the daytime descriptions are defaults, so if there are no dawn, dusk, or night versions, the daytime ones will be shown. This means that the neutral day versions are the global defaults: set only those, and those versions will be seen by all players at all times of day.

Each use of the Customize command costs one Reward Point. You must be inside a Player House which you own. Customize will change the Room you're currently in — so be sure to be in the one you want to change!

Your customizations remain if you sell your Player House to another player. They'll disappear if the house is repossessed for nonpayment of taxes.

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