Frequently-Asked Questions

Why is there no "brief" command?

We're asked this sometimes by folks who are experienced with traditional MUDs, where a "brief" command or equivalent allows Room descriptions to be truncated. This saves redundant parsing by players, and is useful for visually impaired players whose screen readers won't have to use up as much time.

We don't do it 'cos in TriadCity much of the content displayed to players is dynamic, that is, mediated by the computer. Room descriptions, lists of Room contents, Item descriptions and so on vary as you play. This is often unpredictable — a lot of the time that's the point — so if you truncate these descriptions you may miss an important change.

Granted player death is permanent in TriadCity we're especially keen on not killing you accidentally by withholding information that could be crucial.

This is a consequence of the TriadCity platform being so much more sophisticated than ordinary MUDs. Thanks for bearing with it.

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