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A Warning

By Shirrah
Month of Turtles 9, Year of the Dog 1

In my travels throughout Triad City, I have discovered a forest. My heart, belonging as it does to all things of nature but especially forests and woodlands, leapt at the sight of it and I eagerly went to investigate.

What I found was an abomination. Lloth's creatures have free-reign in that forest, and no other living thing exists. All of the spiders I saw were infants, which leads me to believe their parents live deeper in the forest. The infants are still dangerous, which indicates that the spiders are quite successful in their breeding activities.

I implore all the good people of the Triad City to assist me in ridding our homes of the threat these spiders present. Allowing them to continue to live there may cause Lloth herself to take up residence there. She will then bring all her sickly, evil Drow with her.

However, I do not wish to cause the needless deaths of the good people of Triad City, so I ask you to observe the following warnings:


First, do not enter alone, for any reason.

Second, the forest receives no sunlight through its thick intertwined canopy. You must take a light source. If the source is temporary (like a torch or flashlight) be sure to take spares.

Third, be sure you have Master level training in Flee and Hit before you attempt to enter the forest. That is, if you wish to survive of course.

Fourth, I recommend you do not enter the area unless you are at least level 5.

Fifth, never, ever sleep in there.

Sixth, and quite obvious, take a weapon.

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