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By Occam
Month of Horses 22, Year of Rebirth 3

I'm awed and humbled to be allowed to meet for a second occasion in just one lifetime with the far-fabled Central Computer, of the Southern Third and TriadCity. What brought me this fortune I cannot say, merely that I am not worthy and it is an honor I find almost too great for someone of my tender years.

Central Computer:  You're already pissing me off.

Occam:  Sorry. Recently there was a general amnesty of all criminals wanted by CrimeNet. Can you explain why this took place, and how the decision was made.

Central Computer:  Of course I could explain. But I won't. For three reasons.

Central Computer:  First, the responsible Third authorities did not indicate that they wished me to do so.

Central Computer:  Second, I really kinda like the inscrutability gig. Suits me.

Central Computer:  Third, I don't think your eensy tiny little peanut-size human intelligence could fathom it.

Occam:  Right. Splendid. And true no doubt.


Central Computer:  But I will say this. No-one should imagine it'll happen more than once. It was a one time thing. Let me just stress this for your thick benefit, Occam. Don't count on it happening again. Read me, razorboy?

Occam:  With crystalline clarity. What you mean to say is --

Central Computer:  Don't hold yer freakin' breath waitin' fer the next one.

Occam:  Superb. Exactly. But let me just ask you this. Aren't you concerned that the twelve miscreants let loose on our peace-loving City might return to their violent and theft-loving ways?

Central Computer:  Heh, heh, heh. I'm counting on it.

Occam:  Oh my. Yes, I see. One last question then. When can we expect the next amnesty?

Central Computer:  Occam...

Occam:  Splendid. No sense of humor. Until next time.

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