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Month of Hermits 25, Year of the Rooster 3

Vohno has discovered this mangled, tear-stained piece of paper deep in the woods of Maboj Bot Ob during his wanderings. It appears to be a confessional poem written in the villanelle style. It's unclear whether the unknown author ever intended this piece to be published, or if it was a private confession. Vohno wishes to be rewarded by Experience for the effort it took him to locate this work and bring it to the light of civilization.

The Love Song of Bort and Sago

in loving memory

A Malopath's love's hard to bear,
and though his victims begged and cried,
his dark embrace you too will share.

A temptress fair, with flaxen hair,
she swept his cruel insults aside-
A Malopath's love's hard to bear.

In eucalyptus fragrant air,
desire engulfed a rising tide.
his dark embrace you too did share.

Cocooned, a cuddling wicked affair,
until one slip unmasked their lies.
A Malopath's love's hard to bear.

To shield his flame from judging stares,
his burning, bitter tongue denied..
His dark embrace you too won't share.

His anguished soul, exposed and bare,
his lonely heart renounced his pride.
A Malopath's love's hard to bear,
his dark embrace, you two, will share?

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