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Cashier Found Shot in NorthWest Eatery

By aLokii
Month of Horses 3, Year of the Rat 2

The body of a murdered cashier was found at the Vegetarian Restaurant in White Plaza this afternoon at around Mathon.

The unidentified cashier is said by patrons to have been a young college student living in a dormitory near TriadCity University. The crime appears to have been a robbery, as the day's earnings were not found on the premises. Investigators stated that the crime happened at least one hour before the body was found.

Ironically, a Peacekeeper's Post is just a stone's throw away, yet it appears that no law enforcement were at the Post at the time of the shooting. No Peacekeepers were available for comment.

Forensic analysts have concluded that the murder weapon was a Luger - one of the City's most deadly, and expensive, firearms. I spoke briefly with the Gunsmith at Black Plaza Mall, to whose shop the weapon was traced.

aLokii:  Can you tell us anything about the people you sell weapons to?

Gunsmith:  I sell means of self-defense to folks of all ages and walks of life. Just yesterday I had a granny come in looking for birthday party toys for her grandkids. I sold her a six-pack of Saturday Night Specials, and I'm sure the kids are all having wonderful fun today.

aLokii:  Do you believe you bear any responsibility for the actions of those who purchase your wares?


Gunsmith:  Do I think it's my fault that hippie died? Certainly not. "Guns don't kill people. People kill people".

The Restaurant collective has found a replacement for the murdered cashier.

While many NorthWest citizens have volunteered to patrol over and above their mandatory two-week obligation, others voice determination to keep the Third safe. I interviewed a nearby Cosmetologist, who said, "There is a great deal of anger among the locals. Many clients come in now with the words, 'Let's get him' on their lips. Even if that psychopath does run around with a gun, he's in for a thrashing if people here catch him. He'll be found swinging from a lamppost one day soon."

Police units are on alert Citywide. I asked the opinion of a South Third mother on the situation.

Judy:  We don't need more CopBots floating around. As it is, they get in the way when we're playing football. Some knife wielding nut came through here a few days ago, but my kids sent him on his way. The 'bots will settle this without need for extremes, don't you think?

Authorities stress that there are no suspects at this time. For one young college student, that means that his vicious killer may well go unpunished.

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