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Feature: Elves

By Sunni
Month of Turtles 3, Year of the Dog 1

Elves are one of the many races in Triad City. I want to tell you a little about elves. I am an elf, although raised amongst humans; I have spent a lot of time with elven kind and learned their language, values, and personalities. It is these values I want to share with you now.

Elves are not evil (with the exception of those known as the dark elves-the drow). Elves tend to stay neutral, with a slight leaning toward good because of their caring and respect for others and nature. The elven worldview is a balance between good and evil--each has its place and part keeping things running in the natural order. Elves respect every creature's right to exist, and tolerate all manner of beings and behaviors. They tend, though, to show a special fondness towards the other creatures that call the forests and woodlands home.

Nature plays an important role in how an elf thinks. There must be a definite purpose or need before they will harm another creature. Being long-lived, they know how long it takes nature to repair any damage done when the balance is upset. Therefore, they try to live in harmony with nature, as opposed to others who try to dominate or control it.


Elves are often thought to be aloof or snooty. This is far from the truth. Because elves can live to over 1200 years, and are not even considered at the start of maturity until at least 130, they have learned patience. Taking the time to make judgments and learn all the facts of a situation before reacting is what makes them appear to be standoffish.

Gathering knowledge is something elves do well, learning all they can, observing the world around them...but they do not believe that this makes them "better" than the other races. Although many elves consider humans and others to be rash and hasty due to their shortened life spans, elves still feel that all life is important and worthy of respect. If a non-elf earns the title of elf-friend, it is a very close, personal, dear and honorary title. It will last as long as the elf lives. Likewise, an enemy is never forgotten. Elves do not befriend others easily because of the difference in life spans. Just when they feel they are getting to know a person, that person's life is over.

You may encounter elves in your travels through Triad City. Just remember that elves have pure hearts, respect nature and honor of all life. One day you too may be fortunate enough to be called an elf-friend.

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