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First Subway Stations Near Completion

Green Line will be first
By Mark
Month of Hydras 22, Year of the Dog 1

I interviewed my colleague Poobah in the office of his cozy tree house / apartment, concerning his plans for the subway system, and its current status.

Mark:  You seem just a bit dazed by the daylight. Been working underground for a while?

poobah:  yes, been down in the tubes for some time. nice to be home, even for a short while!

Mark:  What can you tell us about the subway you're building?

poobah:  it's a very modern system using the latest mag-lev technology. should be an extremely comfortable ride!

Mark:  I understand from the maps that there will be six lines?

poobah:  yes, although there's been some discussion of perhaps adding three more. i think experience and traffic patterns will drive that decision.

Mark:  Which line will open first?

poobah:  the first open station will be Cathedral Station on the Green Line, in the NorthWest Third. this will provide access to the Cathedral of Light, parts of the Enchanted Garden, and much of the neighborhood near the Mage's Society and the Healer's Union. and of course, Sanctuary Island Station will open simultaneously. a second Green Line stop, Academy Station, will be completed at a later date.


Mark:  All of the Lines will terminate at Sanctuary Island Station?

poobah:  that's right. as you can imagine, there are quite a number of issues with permits and governance and so on which are very difficult to juggle, when working on a project which impacts all three Thirds. so, we thought it would be best for each Line to service just one of the Thirds, terminating at Sanc. from there, commuters will be able to change to any of the other lines.

Mark:  What will the fare be?

poobah:  one Dinar. You'll be charged when you enter the system, and will be able to exit at any stop. or, ride around all day if you like! ha!

Mark:  Will there be fare machines, or something like that, for collecting the one Dinar fee?

poobah:  no, you'll be bio-scanned on entry to the platform, and your bank account will be automatically debited. of course, you'll have to have at least one Dinar in the bank. otherwise you'll be barred from entrance.

Mark:  What's your completion date for the first stations?

poobah:  not sure, but real soon now. the technology seems to be solid. really, more a matter of completing the areas around the stations. should be at most another week, real time.

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