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Inside McDougal's Cave

By Selfea
Month of Owls 13, Year of the Boar 1

In a dream-vision I was shown a huge network of caves, filled with strange treasures. When I saw the recent MOTD announcing McDougal's Cave, I realized this must be the reality I'd seen in an obscure way in my dream. Forewarned against adventuring there on my own, I set out with Sunni, Legolas and TelGar to explore systematically.

The McDougal's Cave system is extraordinary. Any dwarves amongst the TC population will be well at home there. We wandered for hours amongst the rocks finding many paths; most ending in dead-ends. In some places, words had been scribbled on the rocks in a young hand, which made little sense to us.

Our goal was a room seen in my dream, a room filled with treasure - coins, old clothing and other bits and pieces - so we continued deeper and deeper into the caves. Fortunately, we carried sufficient food to sustain us on the long trip, as we found nothing edible within, only pools of refreshing water, dripping from the rocks overhead. Forewarned, we all carried some method of illumination, and so were able to see in the pitch-darkness.


Unfortunately, we never found the room of my dream. What we did find were Children! Yes, Children, deep in the cave system, living a life of devotion to Luz away from the corrupted hearts of those in the world. They seem to have a sense about Luz worshippers, for they welcomed myself and Sunni readily, but would not allow TelGar or Legolas to pass. So only Sunni and I saw the environment in which the children live, amongst rubies, emeralds and barren rocks, safe from the world. There was something about the Children's self-assurance that suggested they were well capable of protecting their realm from those not devoted to Luz, and indeed they carry knives for this purpose.

When we could continue no deeper without splitting our party, we trudged for weary hours back to the surface with a few uncut jewels to show for our trip. But I know that my dream was true, and somewhere there is a room of vast treasure. I shall simply have to seek it until I find it.

Seler' fea En'i'Taure

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