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Interview with a Game Warden

By Anderr
Month of Elephants 5, Year of the Rat 3

Not long ago, a number of long-time citizens of Triad City were assigned the title of "Game Warden." Although a brief outline of their responsibilities can be found on CityNet, this reporter felt it necessary to get the full scoop on what appears to be a major power group in our City. Game Warden Zensekai was kind enough to agree to an interview, which was held in the Peacekeeper’s Post in the Northwest Third.

Anderr:  First of all, thank you for agreeing to this interview and taking time from your busy schedule.

Zensekai:  Not a problem Anderr, happy to help.

Anderr:  So how long have you been a Game Warden now?

Zensekai:  *Stops and thinks* Must have been close to a month now. Hmm, it feels like just a week has passed. :-)

Anderr:  And how exactly did you first become a Game Warden?

Zensekai:  You have to make a post [on the BBS], saying that you wish to join. I was lucky enough to be allowed this great privilege. Applications are no longer being accepted at this time. Looks like there are enough of us for now.

Anderr:  So all the Game Wardens are volunteers and must be approved by the Powers That Be?

Zensekai:  That is correct Anderr.

Anderr:  What is the purpose of the Game Wardens?

Zensekai:  We're here to make sure Newcomers to Triad have a fun and easy time. We teach and help them, to a reasonable limit "polite but firm" as I was once told. Also, if anyone acts up, we Game Wardens have the power to stop this with a simple command. But our main purpose is to assist new visitors.

Anderr:  Stop something with a simple command? Could you elaborate on that?

Zensekai:  We have the ability to take away almost any action you can do. An example would be, if you were abusing the 'follow' command, I would have the power to take that action away from you, if I felt you were using it to bother other players.

Anderr:  That sounds impressive. Are there any other powers, benefits or rewards for Game Wardens?

Zensekai:  There are a few "spiffs" that come with being a Game Warden. A big one is that you no longer need to eat or drink, as long as you were not doing anything strenuous. If you're just hanging around helping people you won't become hungry or thirsty. The second biggest spiff (as I consider) is that you no longer need to worry about being clocked out. This also goes in hand with an auto 'AFK' as I'm sure you have seen. Another smaller spiff but still a nice one, is the 1 dinar and 2 exp you get for each minute you are active in Triad. It's not much, but it helps pay for the Inn rooms.

Anderr:  Can a Game Warden use his or her powers on any player at any time? In other words, can a player be affected when not logged in?

Zensekai:  As I understand, no. Though I have yet to use my powers, something I'm kinda happy about. No bothersome players about. I do know that if you get a blocked action, you have to have a Game Warden to "unlock" it. This could be a little troublesome if you get a blocked action and there is no one around to help you out. My suggestion is: try not to abuse a command… you may not be able to get it back right away.

Anderr:  Can your powers affect NPCs or other Game Wardens?

Zensekai:  Hmm, you know... I’m not sure. I will have to look into that. Thanks.

Anderr:  Have you personally banned any players from using commands?


Zensekai:  I have not banned a rowdy player as of yet, and personally I hope it never comes to that. Since it is a great responsibility and should not be abused, other actions should be taken before you ban someone's commands. Though this does not mean I have not tested my power, and I assure you they work.

Anderr:  You alluded to testing your powers... does that mean that the decision to Ban a player's command can be reversed?

Zensekai:  Yes, once a 'ban' has been placed it can be taken off. Any Game Warden can remove their own ban or a ban made by other Game Wardens, if they feel you have learned to respect that command or have learned your lesson.

Anderr:  Do you feel that there is a strong need for the Game Wardens?

Zensekai:  As of now I do not feel that there is a great demand for our disciplinary powers. Once Triad City grows in numbers they could be needed more and more. Meanwhile there's always a great need to assist newcomers. This is our principle purpose and we're happy to do it.

Anderr:  To whom does a Game Warden answer if they are abusive of their own powers?

Zensekai:  Other Game Wardens of course! We will always be watching out for each other. Once someone seems to fall out of line, other Game Wardens will respond via acting of their own volition or letting 'the powers that be' know of the abuse. I'm sure swift justice will be taken on those who think a Game Warden is just for extra power. It is not beyond a Game Warden to 'ban' another Game Warden's 'ban'

Anderr:  Is a Game Warden expected to handle some law enforcement as well? For instance, would a Game Warden have to discourage a rampant thief or a violent warrior who is attacking children or helpless merchants?

Zensekai:  No. This can be done of course; we can stop anyone from doing anything, such as stopping a warrior from attacking children. This does not mean however, we have the right to. It is a person's free will to do anything in Triad, be it steal from everyone they see or attack everything they see. We as Game Wardens only need to warn these people of their actions. As we all know, attacking and stealing can lead to dangerous consequences, especially nowadays. We as Game Wardens need to make sure the person knows this and takes precautions, if they feel they should. Not be the Enforcement of TC, which is for the Peacekeepers and other TC enforcement to take care of, and they are wonderful at their job mind you.

Anderr:  Is a Game Warden intended to follow his or her alignment with regards to their Game Warden duties, or does one have to be completely objective when performing one's Role as a Warden?

Zensekai:  Well Anderr, as I understand it, one should look at the situation blind of all alignment. This goes hand in hand with being accepted into the Game Wardens, as we often just need to deal with just newcomers. If you have a history of helping newcomers, becoming a Game Warden is just another step up. So one would hopefully act the same way as they have been, just with a little bit more at their disposal.

Anderr:  Well, thanks again for your time and comments! Do you have anything to add in closing

Zensekai:  For those who are new to Triad or who are not used to seeing Game Wardens, do not be afraid of us. We are only here to make sure your time in TC is as fun as possible! :-)

There you have it. Game Wardens are here to protect and serve, helping new arrivals to the city and maintaining, if not law and order, then peace of a sort. But will it always be so? Are the constraints placed on Game Wardens strong enough to restrict their powers from abuse? Can they be trusted to be objective? Most importantly, are the Thirds using the game Wardens to accomplish their own sinister agendas?

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