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Interview With a Thief

By Occam
Month of Eagles 17, Year of Rebirth 2

This was not an easy interview to arrange.

Rumors of skilled Thieves practicing their trade have circulated throughout the City for some time. Yet, finding one was difficult in the extreme. Public authorities and underworld figures each live within their respective codes of silence; and they each, inevitably, have reason for deception. This interview is thus the outcome of many hours of painstaking detective work within the City's shadowy criminal underworld; and cannot be said to provide definitive answers to all questions. You should note that the Thief was well-paid for his time; and that, unsurprisingly, he refused to be identified by name.

Occam:  When did you become a Thief?

Thief:  I apprenticed myself several TC-months ago.

Occam:  Where did you go to apprentice yourself?

Thief:  I won't tell you that.

Occam:  What Thief Skills have you learned?

Thief:  Hide, Lockpick, Peek, Sneak, and Steal.

Occam:  Let's discuss each of those Skills. What is Hide, and why would you use it?

Thief:  Hide allows me to make myself difficult to see, while remaining in one place. If I succeed in Hiding, you might not see me when you arrive at my location. For example, if I Hide inside the Temple of the King, you might see the statue there, and the scribe, and other characters; but maybe not me. This gives me several advantages when working, including the ability to eavesdrop on otherwise private conversations, witness private actions, and so on. It also seems to provide advantages when using the Steal Skill to pick pockets.

Occam:  So, if you're Hidden, no-one can see you?

Thief:  I'm not sure. I suspect that depends on each individual's ability to see, that is their mastery of the See Skill. And perhaps on attributes such as Wisdom and even Dexterity. I haven't figured it out yet.

Occam:  What is Lockpick?

Thief:  As it's name suggests, Lockpick allows me to pick locks when no key is available. I can pick mechanical and electronic (card key) locks, but, at least so far, not bioscan locks. Tools are required which I don't wish to discuss in detail. Suffice to say, mechanical tools are required for mechanical locks, while electronic tools are required for electronic locks.

Occam:  Peek?

Thief:  Peek allows me to catch a glimpse of what items a character has in their inventory.

Occam:  Players and NPCs?

Thief:  Yes.

Occam:  Sneak?

Thief:  Sneak allows me to move from one location to another without being seen. Used in conjunction with Hide, it can make me almost invisible, at least to many characters. Again, I believe that my ability to Sneak depends on the perceptive abilities and other attributes of each percipient. But, I don't yet know this for sure.

Occam:  Steal?

Thief:  Steal allows me to pick the pockets of selected victims.

Occam:  What do you Steal?

Thief:  Dinars and other items of interest.

Occam:  From whom?

Thief:  It seems "the laws of physics", as I've heard it put, prevent me from Stealing from players. You, for instance. Thus I steal only from NPCs, and, it's my preference to steal primarily from NorthEasterners.


Occam:  In order to steal, must you commit acts of violence?

Thief:  No. That would make me a mugger. I'm not. I'm a Thief. I practice a skilled trade, just like a jeweler or a herbalist or, dare I say, a reporter.

Occam:  But there are violent Skills belonging to the Thief Role, aren't there?

Thief:  Yes, there's a Skill called "Backstab". I have not learned that Skill, and at this time I do not intend to.

Occam:  And you receive experience for use of each of these Skills?

Thief:  Yes.

Occam:  Some readers may be surprised to learn that your alignment is Good. Aren't all criminals Evil?

Thief:  I commit "crimes" against property, not people. Historically, many upright and moral people have suggested that private property is itself criminal, robbing the community of resources which might otherwise advance the common good. If this is the case, my "crimes" merely redistribute goods which have already been stolen.

Occam:  Can you name any examples of historically Good thieves?

Thief:  Prometheus. Robin Hood. Rosa Parks.

Occam:  You mentioned that you choose to steal primarily from NorthEasterners. Is your Good alignment the reason?

Thief:  Yes.

Occam:  It almost seems as though you have a "political" rationale for your choice of profession.

Thief:  I wouldn't use the word "political", although I understand why you do. I prefer to say "ethical". Like many Good-aligned NorthWesterners I do not accept the argument that private property, that is acquisitiveness, is the motor of progress. Indeed I believe that in many respects acquisitiveness is a brake on the community. Yet, as we all do, I require some quantity of funds in order to provide myself with shelter and other necessities. Thus I prefer to liberate those funds from those whose acquisitiveness, that is to say, selfishness, stands in the way of community development.

Occam:  So, you don't view your victims as, that is, victims?

Thief:  I view them as criminals. Just like me. The only difference is that their crimes aren't against the law. Mine are. That makes them more respectable than me, and it makes me more honest than them.

Occam:  Rumor has it there will one day be an advanced Thief Role called "Liberator". From what you say, it seems this will interest you?

Thief:  Yes. My understanding is that Liberators will be Thieves who specialize in freeing slaves from bondage in NorthEast. Thoroughly illegal, of course. I can't wait.

Occam:  Would you be willing to use violence to free slaves?

Thief:  Yes, but I don't see why that would be necessary.

Occam:  Do you know when the Liberator Role will be available?

Thief:  No.

Occam:  Is the Thief Role officially available?

Thief:  I'm not sure. I don't think so. I haven't seen an announcement. My original involvement with the Role has been as volunteer tester for the powers that be. It'll be up to them to decide when it's ready, and make some kind of public statement. Probably in the MOTD, I'd guess.

Occam:  Any final comments?

Thief:  That's a nice PDA you're using to store your notes.

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