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Origins of the Origin Stone

By aLokii
Month of Spiders 24, Year of the Boar 1

Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Albert(us) Magnus, a noted philosopher in TriadCity. Dr. Magnus is writing a book entitled The Origin Stone: Echoes of Our Past, which he says is based on new texts uncovered during an archeological venture.

Without going into much detail, the doctor hinted at the possibility of multiple stones, with similar properties to the one located on Sanctuary Island. Magnus' theory, based on what he calls "historical records," is that each stone is actually a fragment of a larger stone, the original Origin Stone. According to excerpts from the unfinished book,

"the Origin Stone fell from the heavens, and struck the ground, causing three rivers to spring forth from under the ground. In the impact, however, the Stone fragmented, and only the largest piece was left at the point of impact."
Dr. Magnus says the fragments were publicly displayed at one time, but were lost during the worldwide wars.

"Dr. Magnus' claim that his theory is based on historical documentation is unusual," said Poobah, Grand Marshal and President for Life of the TriadCity Pancreatic League, and a noted expert on the City's lore and legends. "I'm familiar with any number of stories about the Stone, but this is the first which claims more than traditional status."

About the Stone itself, Poobah said, "It's about twice the size of an average person. Irregularly shaped -- not perfectly spherical. The same peculiar gray color as most of Sanc[tuary] Island: when you look closely, you'll find it's made of many shades of gray, white and black that all blend together."

I asked Poobah to relate some of the Stone's many legends.


"Many folks do say the Stone fell from the heavens," he said. "Some say it was sent by higher powers to be a marker: Build the City Here. Yet I've also heard that the City already existed before the Stone fell, and what was considered miraculous was that it landed at the City's precise center. And I've also heard that the Stone actually rose from the ground, at the origins of the three rivers.

"Here's one story which I personally happen to find intriguing, because it ties into some of the earliest legends about the City's founding. The outline is that the City was founded by exiles from the dominant civilizations of this world. The old cultures were destroying themselves in debilitating wars, which both sides explained as conflicts between 'good' and 'evil,' whatever those terms mean exactly . . . So these exiles chose to leave their warring countries and found a sort of refuge, where competing ideas of 'good' and 'evil' could live in truce, if not exactly in harmony. According to the legend, The Lawgiver and other leaders of these factions had prophetic dreams leading them to the Stone; while others heard voices describing it; while still others saw it as a flaming star in the heavens, which fell to earth where it is now. In any event, these legends agree that the Stone is in some way bound up with the origin of the City -- hence it's name I presume.

"To my knowledge, none of these stories has substantiation, aside from the obvious fact of the existence of the Stone at the center of the city."

Whatever the source and history of the Stone, it is an impressive and rather central (pun intended) monument to the unity of TriadCity. Visitors come to the City from all over, but they enter, one and all, at the same place. In that way, the Stone is the beginning of the City, and no matter the past, it's where you go from there that matters.

aLokii is a Reporter of TriadCity

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