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Portrait of a Malopath

By Anderr
Month of Hermits 14, Year of the Rat 3

Is there a new danger lurking the streets and alleyways of Triad City?

One of the latest wrinkles in Our Fair City is the emergent new Role, the Malopath. Described as a "Reverse Healer" by some and a "Sadistic Bastard" by others, a Malopath supposedly uses his or her empathy with living creatures to cause them physical harm.

So far all discussions of Malopathy have been rumours and hearsay, but after many discreet inquiries and negotiations a practicing Malopath agreed to grant an interview. The person in question insisted that we meet upon "Neutral Ground" and thus we held the interview in the presence of the Laughing God, who agreed through silence not to disclose any information regarding our discussion. The Malopath asked not to be identified by name, for reasons of privacy.

Anderr:  How long have you been a Malopath?

Malopath:  I'm not really too sure to be honest. I guess it would have been five months, maybe more.

Anderr:  Five months of TriadCity time?

Malopath:  Yes.

Anderr:  I see. How does one go about becoming a Malopath?

Malopath:  I don't really feel I should answer that. Malopaths are frowned upon by some of the other citizens. I wouldn't want anyone to start getting ideas about preventing budding Malopaths from achieving their dreams.

Anderr:  Noted. So, as a Malopath, what sort of special skills do you possess?

Malopath:  Well, currently I only have the power to drain the energy of my targets. Soon though, I should have the ability to harm them and steal their energy as well.

Anderr:  Let's talk about energy draining then. What is the effect on the target?

Malopath:  I've only personally tried this on insects, but I would assume it has the same effect on a larger creature. The target seems to get very tired and loses the ability to fight or flee.

Anderr:  I see. and does this require some of your own energy to use?

Malopath:  Yes, I can become quite tired as well if I use my power for a prolonged time.


Anderr:  There's some concern that Malopaths may begin harming visiting adventurers as well as locals. Are you capable of draining a Player's energy?

Malopath:  I heard a rumor that it was once possible, but I have not experienced it myself.

Anderr:  So you can't use your powers on Players?

Malopath:  As far as I know I can't. But then again I've never actually tried. Would you like to test it?

Anderr:  Ah, no, I'm happy to take your word on that. Malopaths have been described as the "leeches" and "parasites" of Triad City. Do you feel that this view is justified?

Malopath:  That really depends on the Malopath. I assume that it would be a fair assessment of some - but not all - Malopaths. It would be similar to saying that all healers are namby-pambies who can't carry their own weight in a fight and have no business going anywhere near danger.

Anderr:  Duly noted.... I now understand your request for anonymity. What prompted you to become a Malopath in the first place?

Malopath:  A burning desire for revenge.

Anderr:  So you intend to use your powers to harm an enemy of yours? Is there a reason you chose Malopath over another Role to accomplish this end?

Malopath:  The reason for choosing Malopath as my means of revenge is probably the same reason others choose to become Malopaths. The role offers a practitioner a good deal of power with which to deal damage and instil fear.

Anderr:  Indeed. It seems that all Malopaths are Evil by necessity, but could your powers be used for Good ends?

Malopath:  They could indeed. But the act itself would make my powers harder to handle as I began to drift towards a good alignment.

Anderr:  I see. Any final comments?

The Malopath clambers up onto his feet.
The Malopath would energy drain you if he could.

Anderr:  Right. Thank you for your time.

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