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Sahar Rides the Green Line

By Sahar
Month of Wolves 8, Year of the Dog 1

I am by all means NOT a professional reporter, but I must report my opinion of the Green Line Subway Train.

As I awaited the Green Line on Sanctuary Island, I thought to myself "Will I have to wait eons for this train to arrive?" and before I finished my thought, along she came. So quiet, she was, I didn't see her till she was right in front of me. After boarding, I made myself so comfortable I fell asleep, and with the smooth, quiet ride, I found myself sleeping for many hours. When I awakened, it seemed to be right on time for my exit to Cathedral Station. Not knowing how many times I actually rode the train back and forth, due to my lethargic state, I cannot comment on the speed of the train at this time. I did not seem to gain any more energy than usual, although I thought I might--due to the deep sleep I was in.


After arriving at Cathedral Station, I explored all areas until finding the Cathedral of Light where upon I bowed to the Statue of Luz, and was granted my conversion to GOOD (thank you). My exploration took a lot of energy from me, so I boarded the Green Line for my return to Sanctuary Island, but I fell asleep once again.

If ever I ride the train without falling into a deep sleep, I shall report my findings of train speed at that time. Until then fellow adventurers...explore, explore, explore!

Sahar, GOOD Herbalist of TriadCity

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