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Sunni's Miraculous Conversion

By Sunni
Month of Turtles 2, Year of the Dog 1

T his is the story of the miraculous events that happened to me recently in the City.

I had been in the forest ridding the city of the arachnid menace. I stopped to rest, and when I closed my eyes I felt a great sense of well-being. Feeling my energy return in a sudden curious rush, I opened my eyes and was astounded.

Somehow I had been transported to an Enchanted Garden. Beauty and goodness surrounded me.

Standing and gazing in awe, I started following a well-defined path that led me northwards. Soon I was encountering fierce statues of white wolves along the path. But they did not alarm me, in fact, they comforted. I just seemed to know that they would protect me along the way, and that no evil would be allowed to pass.

Continuing onwards past the guardians, I soon arrived at a Cathedral. It was built with rows of gleaming pillars, and spotlessly white walls that radiated cleanliness. I was awestruck as I stepped between these majestic pillars. I couldn't help but pause and kneel briefly beside the penitents and seekers who were worshiping in this holy place.


Wandering through the chapel, I arrived at a room that was different than the others. In this room stood a statue, like none I'd ever seen before. It seemed that this statue of a goddess was the source of the goodness that filled the whole area. Overcome with emotion, I bowed deeply before the statue in honor and respect.

Suddenly, surrounded by a bright light, I was with the goddess, Luz, herself! Her words filled my heart: to be good, to seek out evil and destroy it when I could, to venerate all others. All these things were written upon my heart as I was bathed in her radiance. When I was finally released from her presence, I collapsed trembling at the foot of the statue. Feeling completely calm and joyous, but desperately needing rest after such an awesome experience, I slept at the foot of my goddess, Luz.

When I awoke, I was once more back in the City I have come to call home, but I am different now. Where once I was more neutral in my attitudes towards others, now I am definitely on the good side. I will do as Luz commanded me and work towards the good of those I meet, doing all in my power to show through my actions, the goodness of the goddess herself.

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