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To the Visitor

By Chance
Month of Spiders 1, Year of the Hare 3

This poem was discovered among the belongings of the deceased robot warrior-scholar Chance, and is being published posthumously in accordance with his wishes, with the proceeds going to the organization he co-founded, the FreeBlades of Triad City. It was uncovered in Month of Spiders 1, Year of the Hare 3.

To the Visitor

Life began as life will end
A fallen Stone from Heaven high
A garden for the Gods to tend
To live and learn, perhaps to die

One and One and One make three
One light, One dark, One gleaming
Three authors of life you shall see
Our city is their dreaming

Choose for yourself and everyone
Where lies the Truth in fractured lands
Three lifetimes lived apart make None
The Answer lies within your hand

Come ye Knights, in weapons strong
To battles grand and armours gold
Come ye Bards, with joyous song
To parties great and Epics bold


Come ye Scholars, quick of wit
To learning vast and Magicks true
Come ye Scoundrels swift and fit
To secrets Dark (and treasure too

Come ye Heroes, fair and bright
Beasts to slay and slaves to free
Come ye Villains, dark as Night
Wealth to amass with tyrant's glee

Strength of Will and Strength of Arms
Shall win for you the Triple Choice
Strength of Mind and Strength of Charms
Shall win for you Eternal Voice

All in this life must turn to sand
Hovels low, Cathedrals tall
But though decay consume all land,
Our City, fair, shall never fall

What Lady Fate may hold in store,
Only Father Time shall say
So come, we open wide the door:
To Shape the Future, you must Play


If you enjoyed this poem and would care to spiff the author, please choose Dinars, as the author cannot access nor enjoy experience in the next world. ;-)

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