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The Wedding of Legolas and Sunni

By Selfea
Month of Lions 6, Year of the Boar 1


  • Ahyeah71
  • Bentooth
  • Cricket
  • Legolas -- Groom
  • TelGar
  • Poobah
  • Selfea -- Officiator
  • Sunni -- Bride

The bride and groom:

Sunni wore a beautiful formal Elven wedding dress, adorned with wildflowers, and held a bouquet of wildflowers from Barmalindar and Cherry Blossoms from Laurelin.

Legolas was dressed in a pair of formal forest green Elven pants and matching grass green Elven evening jacket with tails.

The ceremony:

After some last minute reorganizing, and some pre-wedding jitters, the ceremony began in the Gazebo inside The Park NorthWest. The ceremony was performed by Selfea.

Selfea:  "Are we all ready? We will begin. I am honored to perform this ceremony. As the daughter of an Elven Lord, I will bear witness on behalf of the Elven Elders. The love between two Elves is a very special bond. It is a love which will last between these two people for many centuries. As a small, physical token to display their love to the world, they choose to wear these bands on their fingers to show all who see them of their commitment to one another."

Selfea handed a wedding band to Legolas.

Legolas:  "Sunni I ask you to be my bride to share with me our long lives and the joys that our love will bring. You know my love for you is as deep as any wood and as strong as a mountain. As a simple sign of this great love I give you a small band so that you know my love is always true."

Legolas gave the band to Sunni, who placed it on her finger.

Selfea handed a wedding band to Sunni.

Sunni:  "Legolas, from the moment we met I knew you were the one I would love for all time. You are like the foundation of a life together that will flower and blossom like the forest that is our home. With this ring I symbolize giving you my love and respect for all time. For as long as out days in this City, and beyond into the unknown. Forever I am yours."

Sunni gave the band to Legolas, who placed it on his finger.

Selfea:  "On this day, and before these witnesses, I declare you handfast - husband and wife - in the eyes of the Elven Elders. Be true to yourselves and each other so that all may know of the bond you share."

Selfea then embraced the couple and congratulated them on their marriage.

The bride and groom embraced, kissed and were congratulated by all who were present.


When interviewed about the ceremony, Sunni replied: "Well, [I was] definitely excited.....but [it was] very stressful. The last minute searching for someone to lead the ceremony, trying to get dressed, well.......the wedding started a lot later than planned. It was harder to concentrate on the ceremony because I was still thinking about so many other things....the reception to follow, what we needed to get, etc... so I probably wasn't as nervous in the ceremony. It all came together though, when Legolas spoke. When he said his vows and gave me the ring, that was the happiest moment of my life. And all the outside worries just disappeared."

She added, "I'd almost given up hope of ever finding love. Being an Elf raised amongst humans, I never seemed to fit in with either group. Until Legolas....*smile* so I'd say I'm very happy, still trying to drink it all in. I haven't quite adjusted to the fact that we're married now.....I'm Sunni Greenleaf.... it's still so new!"

Legolas added, "I knew what she was to me from the moment I met her, as you know, Selfea, we Elves have a lot of different ways of knowing when we are in love. When the right Elven lass comes along, it is almost too powerful to miss."

Selfea:  "Any plans for the honeymoon?"

Sunni:  "I think we're just going to enjoy Laurelin for our honeymoon. No special plans. out home is new, a gift from the City builder, Poobah, and we still are making it into a home. A honeymoon will be a perfect way to start."

Selfea:  "Legolas, would you like to share with the readers how you were feeling prior to the ceremony, with all the confusion going on?"

Legolas:  "I knew that the confusion was temporary, those things that are meant to be cannot be held back by any kind of inconvenience. It was something to test an Elf's patience though."

When asked about his feelings of the ceremony Legolas said:

"I won't say I was nervous, more like expectant. As I said, to an Elf, patience is normal, it comes from living a long life. I knew I was going to marry Sunni and that is all that mattered to me. [regarding the ceremony] I thought is was a great thing, it was actually pretty unusual for an Elf, because there wasn't the long wait, or the courtship as would have been back at my home. There is usually a lot more involved in the courtship. A typical courtship for Elves last at least 3 months, only because it requires the Elders blessing on it. But this place, I never would have thought that something as beautiful as our wedding was could have happened as fast as it did."

Selfea:  "When did you know you were right for each other?"

Legolas:  "Almost immediately. It's almost like love at first sight, but much, much deeper."

Selfea:  "So, Legolas, you're married! How do you like that reality?"

Legolas:  "It is wonderful, I feel complete. Like the lost part of my soul has joined me at last. I must say, our lives will become an even greater adventure than before."

Sunni added: "I'd like the readers to know also, that I thought our wedding was lovely!! You [Selfea] did an excellent job of representing the Elven Elders, and we had rings to represent our union amongst the humans. A blending of the two cultures"

Quithain, mellonea-amin!

Seler'fea En'i'Taure

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