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How to Read the Date

A formal TriadCity date looks like this: "Diamond Star's Day, Month of Turtles 2, Year of the Dog 1". Here's how to read it:

"Diamond Star's Day" is one of the seven days of the week. It would correspond to Friday on the Without calendar.

"Month of Turtles 2" is the current day of the current month of the year. Because there are thirteen months in TriadCity, it doesn't correspond exactly to any particular month on the Without calendar, although it does fall around the season we might label "August".

"Year of the Dog" is the current year of the current Great Cycle. There are thirteen years per Great Cycle; and then the Cycle repeats. "Year of the Dog 1" is the 12th year of the first Great Cycle.

When you put this all together, "Diamond Star's Day, Month of Turtles 2, Year of the Dog 1" is formally equivalent to the Without form "Friday, August 2, 1 A.D.". But only formally: you'll find with experience that things are not strictly analogous.

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