How to Play TriadCity

The TriadCity Players' Guide

The Hours of the Day

Each day consists of exactly 24 hours. Here are the names of the hours, begining with sunrise, the first hour of the new day:

  1. Ourer, the Hour of New Hope
  2. Thaine', the First Hour of Light
  3. Neron, the Second Hour of Light
  4. Yayon, the Third Hour of Light
  5. Abai, the Fourth Hour of Light
  6. Nathalon, the Fifth Hour of Light
  7. Beron, the Hour of Highest Sun
  8. Barol, the Seventh Hour of Light
  9. Thanu, the Eighth Hour of Light
  10. Athor, the Ninth Hour of Light
  11. Mathon, the Tenth Hour of Light
  12. Rana, the Eleventh Hour of Light
  13. Netos, the Hour of Twilight Shadows
  14. Tafrac, the First Hour of Darkness
  15. Sassur, the Second Hour of Darkness
  16. Agla, the Third Hour of Darkness
  17. C'aerra, the Fourth Hour of Darkness
  18. Salam, Fifth Hour of Darkness
  19. Yayn, the Hour of Fear
  20. Yanor, the Seventh Hour of Darkness
  21. Nasnia, the Eighth Hour of Darkness
  22. Salla, the Ninth Hour of Darkness
  23. Sadedali, the Tenth Hour of Darkness
  24. Thamur, the Eleventh Hour of Darkness

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