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The NorthEast Third

If NorthWest is the Land of Cooperation, NorthEast is either the Land of Individualism or the Land of Opportunity, depending on who you ask.

NorthEasters are proud of their fierce independence, often from each other as much as from outsiders. The "self-made man" is the most respected local figure, while the Third's many wealthy business persons use their personal philanthropy to patronize the arts, sciences, and governance.

Representative democracy is valued, by the citizens, with a passion which outsiders sometimes view as religious. The Mayor and his wife are venerated by locals as icons of style and success. Debate in the Senate is fierce and vocal. Elections are held whenever a Senator dies, and all free adult males are eligible to vote. While the Senate determines more weighty matters, routine administrative decisions are handled promptly by the Mayor's office with its sizeable and efficient staff.

NorthEasters are fiercely committed to law and order. A corps of superbly-equipped professional police keep the streets largely safe both day and night. More informal networks of para-police cadres patrol the many housing projects and crowded working class neighborhoods. Robberies or other violent crimes against the prosperous are rare, and justice is meted with firmness and prompt. Appropriately, NorthEast is home to sizeable judicial and criminal justice systems.

Culturally, NorthEast is famous for its athletes, soldiers, and entrepreneurs. It's home to the Stock Exchange, a leading creator of wealth since the founding of the City; Nikias' famous industrial works; the Arena, the only legal venue for gladiator games; and the campus of TriadCity School of Law. It has the best gaming rooms in town; the best recreational drugs; the best gourmet cuisine; and, reputedly, the best Black Magicians.

Given NorthEasters' commitment to independence, no tours are provided. However, enterprising citizens sometimes offer to conduct visitors on guided excursions, often for quite reasonable fees. However, as with all things NorthEast, caveat emptor.

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