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Death is permanent: a note about violence

It's extremely important to remember that in TriadCity, death is permanent.

This is very unlike other MUDs, in which death is an inconvenience that can cost you time, levels, and equipment. In TriadCity, if a character dies, it's over for that character.

Thus you should be very, very careful about initiating violence. If you're set on becoming a Warrior or another violence-using Role, be sure to carefully Learn the appropriate Warrior Skills before going out and attacking things.

Here's a suggested step-by-step for new characters interested in learning to use violence:

  1. Learn the "Learn" Skill.
  2. Learn the "Flee" Skill.
  3. Learn the "Hit" Skill.
  4. Learn the "Consider" Skill.
  5. Get your "Armor" attribute as high as you can. Find the equipment that will raise that attribute. Higher armor means harder to hurt.
  6. Get your "Dexterity" attribute as high as you can. Find the equipment that will raise that attribute. Higher dexterity means more likely to hit your opponent, and more likely your opponent will miss you.
  7. "Consider" potential victims carefully before attacking them. Many opponents are surprisingly capable.
  8. Choose a location for your attack which has lots of escape routes. The more exits there are from your location, the better. This makes it more likely you'll be able to "Flee" successfully if need be.
  9. Initiate your first fights bare-handed, or with a pair of boxing gloves. Don't use weapons until you learn the appropriate weapon Skill(s).
  10. Attack things only in out-of-the-way places, where the various cops aren't likely to bump into you. If a Sylvan Archer finds you attacking a pigeon, she'll kill you, no questions asked.

In general, don't attack anything until you reach level five. This is a rule-of-thumb kinda suggestion: your character may be ready sooner, or later.

At first, never attack anything alone. Not until you're comfortable with the process, and are at high enough level to survive by yourself. Go in groups, preferably with an experienced character who's willing to help you out.

To close with a qualifier. In future, TC death will become a meaningful thing. There'll be complex afterlife experiences, with the possibility of reincarnation as a new character with special abilities. But, that's a long way off. For now, our best advice is, don't get killed.

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