How to Play TriadCity

The TriadCity Players' Guide

Experience Bonuses

Experience can be accumulated extra-fast under certain conditions. These "bonuses" are automatically applied:

  • Groups. Grouping with other players adds a 5% exp bonus per group member. So, if there are 10 members in a group, each member receives 50% extra exp for every exp-generating action performed. Grouping is a very effective way of gaining exp rapidly.
  • Connect time.. Your character gains a 5% exp bonus for each hour continuously logged-in. So, if you've been on for two hours, you'll receive a 10% exp bonus, up to a maximum of 60% for 12 hours or more, after which we think you're barking mad and that's all you deserve. Anyway. The longer you play, the faster you accumulate.
  • Repeat play.. You'll get 10% extra for playing every day. It works this way. If you were logged in for at least 30 minutes yesterday, you'll receive the 10% bonus today. This applies to all of your characters. Simple!
  • Weekends.. There's a 25% bonus all day each Saturday and Sunday, where "Saturday and Sunday" means Pacific Time. It's TriadCity party time! Woo-hoo!
  • Reward Points.. You can spend 10 RPs in-game for a one hour exp bonus of 100%. That's pretty badass.

These bonuses are cumulative. Like this. It's Saturday, your character has been on for 12 hours, you played for at least 30 minutes Friday, and you're part of a group of 10 players. You'll receive a whopping 145% experience bonus. Pretty cool! If you spend 10 RPs your bonus grows to 245% for 60 minutes. That's genuinely gnarly.

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