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Zones are arbitrary collections of Rooms, under the control of world authors. They're mostly used to group Rooms for purposes such as providing them with common weather, or sharing certain events among them. For the most part, you can think of them as neighborhoods within a conventional city. Here's a list of the major neighborhoods that are currently available or under development.

Zones may be bigger inside than they appear to be from outside. Every space in TriadCity is potentially a TARDIS. Further, motion along certain thoroughfares leading between neighborhoods is subtly accelerated. These aspects of the laws of TriadCity physics may leave you with the falsely subjective intuition that you're passing less space than you actually are. Don't take for granted that if you move three Rooms west, then three Rooms south, then three east, then three North you'll end where you started. There's more detail in the page on mapping here in the Players' Guide.

World authors specify the respawn rate of each Zone individually. Hack-and-slash Zones may respawn quickly, to keep you supplied with opponents. Others may be very slow. Further, not all Zones may respawn in the same way. Some Zones will only ever repopulate if there are no Players inside. Others may repopulate partially or wholly. All of this is entirely up to the Zone's author.

Zones may also be used by world authors to limit the movement of mobile NPCs. NPCs can be flagged by authors to stay inside their Zone of origin — this is why Doe Bots never leave Arden Park. This is one mechanism among very many in which TriadCity's AI-driven characters are differentiated.

You can query whodunnit with the Author command. Please reward the author using Reward. Our authors appreciate it greatly.

Some Zones are more friendly than others to visually-impaired players. The Blindfriendly command is worth checking.

New Zones are constantly under construction. Watch the MOTD for announcements.

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