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The TriadCity Players' Guide

Tips & Tricks: Manage Your Energy

Learning to stay rested is one of the more critical skills in TriadCity. You need energy to move, fight, and do other important things. Running out of it at the wrong moment can be very bad.

Many players follow this strategy. First, they learn where to rest. Some places are better than others, because if you rest or sleep there, you'll regain energy and health more quickly. The Temple of the King on Sanctuary Island is one of these places. An effective strategy is to use these locations as bases for exploration and adventure. Strike out to explore; use up about two-thirds of your energy; return to base to recharge. You'll probably find that, over time, this is a more effective approach than dropping down to sleep wherever you happen to be.

But note, it may never be necessary to rest at all. Higher-level characters can help with this. Ask them!

If you encounter an energy emergency - you're low on energy and your character is in danger - you can trade Reward Points for an instant refresh. Click the link for details.

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