How to Play TriadCity

The TriadCity Players' Guide

Setting Up

Before you can login to the game, you may or may not need to complete some easy preparatory steps. It depends whether you're visually impaired, or not.

Sighted players can happily use any of our GUI clients. We have clients for Android, iOS, and Web. Choose any or all, you're good to go.

Visually impaired players will want to install a standard bit of gaming software called a MUD client. That's an all-text application that integrates with your screen reader. There are several free ones for both Windows and Mac; we've posted settings for the major ones here. We've noted though that many of our blind players prefer VIPMud. It's not free, but it's designed specifically for accessibility. Once you've chosen and installed one, point it to port 9095, or port 9094 if you're not using a secure connection.

That's it!

We're so privileged to have you with us. Meet you in The City!

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