Purpose: purchase an item from a merchant
Synonyms: none
NLP Enabled? no

1. buy <complete item description> 1. buy a studded leather jacket


  1. Use Buy to purchase an Item from a merchant. The Item's description that you type must be the exact output from the List command showing you the merchant's current inventory.

The List / Buy process is quite different with a MUD client than with our GUI. Listing with the GUI causes a graphical widget to open which displays the merchant's inventory. Using the widget you drag the Item(s) you want from the list to the shopping cart, and click the "Buy" button when you're done. With a MUD client, the List command prints the merchant's inventory to the Game Channel one Item per line. You then use the Buy command to purchase the Item(s) you want. You'll do this once per each Item you purchase.

GUI users are welcome to use the Buy command should they choose — nothing prevents them. Granted the merchant widget opens with the List command, it seems a bit cumbersome to bypass. But by all means please yourself.

Because the Buy command is not yet enabled for "natural language" parsing, you'll have to use the syntax above. Granted it's just one word, NLP's not a priority.

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