Purpose: communicate with all listening players.
Synonyms: none
NLP Enabled? n/a

1. shout <message> 1. shout I'm trapped and need help!


  1. Use Shout when you want to send an urgent or emotional message to every listening character.

Shout communicates with other characters via the Shout "channel". Characters have the option to listen to Shout, or not. Everyone currently listening to Shout will receive your message, regardless of their particular location in the Universe. But, not everyone will be listening.

Note that Shout capitalizes and appends an exclamation point to whatever you type. The example above will be seen by players this way: "I'M TRAPPED AND NEED HELP!!"

Holler, Scream, Shout, and Yell are all variations on the same action. In each case, your message is sent via the Shout channel.

Note that Shout crosses World boundaries. Shouts are received by everyone listening to the shout channel, whether they're presently in TriadCity, Midgaard, Dungeon, or any future World within the SmartMonsters Universe.

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