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Green and Yellow Line Stations Now Open

By Mark
Month of Wolves 10, Year of the Dog 1

I followed up on my recent interview with Poobah, this time meeting in the offices of the Pancreatic League. Like many of you I was curious about the subway's progress.

Mark:  When we last spoke, the first Green Line station was nearing completion. Now the Green Line's been running for several weeks. How's it gone?

poobah:  really very well, thank you! the trains are running perfectly, the ride is smooth, and folks seem quite happy. woo-hoo!

Mark:  Are there more Green Line stations coming soon?

poobah:  not sure about the completion dates. it really wouldn't be so difficult to finish the entire subway grid pretty quickly: the issue is, there's not a lot of City yet to see above ground in many locations. so we'll be opening additional stops as street level construction completes.

Mark:  The first Yellow Line station opened today. Which one is it?

poobah:  Palace Station, on the Yellow Line. goal right now is to enable access to the three main religious centers: the Cathedral of Light, the Palace of Night, and the Temple of the Laughing God.


Mark:  Tell us about the two neighborhoods which are linked by these stations.

poobah:  well, Cathedral Station is near the Cathedral of Light. this is one of the main centers of Goodness in the City, and as you might expect, its environs are influenced. near Cathedral Station you'll find several places of interest to Good players.

Mark:  And Palace Station?

poobah:  exactly the opposite! the Palace of Night is a center of Evil, and its neighborhood reflects that in several ways. i'll leave it to you to explore for yourself.

Mark:  Rumor suggests that the paths to the Cathedral and the Palace are guarded by creatures of exceptional danger. Is this true?

poobah:  it would be extremely ill-advised for Evil-aligned characters to approach the Cathedral, or for Good-aligned characters to come near the Palace. i would suggest these would be suicidal gestures, in fact, and the characters should be restrained and, in all likelihood, locked up for their own good. ha!

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